Next Urban Champions* – meet the innovators, practitioners and thinkers who are revolutionizing African cities!

What transformative actions are already improving our citizens’ mobility, energy, health, food, waste, water and ecological systems?

The world as we know it is changing drastically due to influences like by COVID-19, urbanisation and climate change. Africa is not locked into traditional thinking rather, Africa has the opportunity to revolutionise the status quo for the continent. This new era provides space for African solutions led by innovators, practitioners and thinkers. Innovators are re-imaging the status quo and bringing fresh local ideas, practitioners are making impactful changes and bringing actions to life and thinkers are questioning the norms and dreaming of a future Africa for Africans. This session will showcase some innovators, practitioners and thinkers from across the African continent who are transforming African cities. We highlight works in emerging sectors such as mobility, health, food, waste and procurement. Come, engage and be inspired by these Next
Urban Champions, join the revolution.

May 27 @ 10:00
10:00 — 12:00

ICLEI Africa