Building the future now – How our cities are pushing the boundaries of planning, governance, finance and technology

Local government stakeholders share innovative approaches for achieving urban sustainability through effective governance, improving access to finance and exploring opportunities for technological advancement in the fourth industrial revolution

The opportunity to shape the sustainable and resilient urban future that we want starts with planning, actions and initiatives in the present. However for these to take off there is need for a conducive and enabling environment that empowers urban citizens, leaders, private entities, and other key stakeholders to collaborate and take action. Whereas the combination of the three elements can lead to positive outcomes, sometimes if they are misused, could lead to widening the inequality gaps, inhibit access to social, economic and political opportunities (particularly decision-making) and the ability to participate in, and leverage, the benefits associated with urban living. Therefore this session will highlight the initiatives, opportunities, processes and projects that are underway in cities more especially emphasizing the importance of good governance, accessible finance and technology in shaping the outcomes as well as the kind of sustainable and equitable African city that we aspire to live and thrive in.

May 26 @ 10:00
10:00 — 12:00

ICLEI Africa