Sustainable development research that matters: Crafting new research approaches for uptake by local government and actors

Sustainable development research that matters: Crafting new research approaches for uptake by local government and actors


Join the ICLEI Africa and the African Cities Research Consortium as we share lessons and experiences across African cities, adopting this novel research uptake approach to build a sustainable future.

Local governments have become imperative in society’s transformation towards more sustainable forms of development. Local actors need to be at the forefront of sustainable development research, however research uptake and the seamless connection between scientific domains of study and urban practice is often lacking. How can research approaches and strategies be adapted or redesigned to ensure research uptake in local policies and strategies? This session is based on the uptake strategies used across the continent at various stages of research. It explores learnings on how to bridge political and research processes and ensure collaborative design in sustainable development research.


Une recherche sur le développement durable qui compte: Élaborer de nouvelles approches de recherche pour les gouvernements et les acteurs locaux.

La session débutera par le PDG d’EDP, Andrew Boraine, qui présentera le cadre de l’engagement et invitera à la participation. Ensuite, des acteurs du changement faisant partie du réseau des villes raconteront comment ils ont réussi à transformer leur ville, même de la plus petite des manières, les défis qu’ils ont dû relever et leurs expériences de travail avec différents partenaires.


Host: ICLEI Africa

Prof. Shuaib Lwasa

Principal Researcher on Governance at the Global Center on Adaptation

Dr. Beth Chitekwe-Biti

 Deputy Director, Slum Dwellers International

Session Summary

This session spoke about the research and how to include it in urban planning. Professor Shaib explain his how experience and the gab between the knowledge and the practice. He explain the importance to take the local People is interessted and way of live in the reasearch and not look at some norms that doesn’t belong to that People, as the number of m2 for a living european or for an informal african liver. The innovation made from the local and from the informal liver need to be consider by the governement and the locality.
Beth said that we need to connect People, they need to connect to their neighbour because it can bring idea together and they can share idea. Community can not be developped without adaptation. She explain the difficulties of challenge with the autorities and to make them confident about the reasearch and their importance. And it is not because it is informal that it is not important and not be taken seriously.