Futures and possibilities for our cities – in conversation with Rashiq Fataar

Futures and possibilities for our cities - in conversation with Rashiq Fataar



In discussion with designers, urbanists and creatives

Rashiq Fataar, Director of Our Future Cities, interviews leading designers, urbanists and creatives launching creative projects putting a spotlight on emerging practises and future focussed interventions across the African continent. 

His five guests in this session are:

  • Braima Koroma, Director of Research and Training  at the Sierra Leone Urban Research Unit, will discuss what the possibilities are for the devolution in governance in Africa. 
  • Rudi Kriel, Transport Economist at GoMetro,  will unpack the specific case of the devolution of transport and rail in Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Sindile Mavundla, director of Khaltsha Cycles, will share the role of mobility start-ups in South Africa and whether cycling the country could  inform better walking & cycling infrastructure.
  • Doreen Adengo, principal architect of Adengo Architecture in Uganda, will showcase an urban mobilities project and speak about how movement impacts the future of public space.
  • Livingstone Mukasa, principal of Mahali, a collaborative design studio focused on cultural and contextual architectural engagement, will act as provocateur in the conversation.


Futurs et possibilités pour nos villes – en conversation avec Rashiq Fataar

Rashiq Fataar, directeur de Our Future Cities, s’entretient avec des concepteurs, urbanistes et créatifs qui lancent des projets créatifs, mettant ainsi en lumière les pratiques émergentes et les interventions axées sur l’avenir du continent africain.


Host: Our Future Cities

Rashiq Fataar

Director, Our Future Cities

Braima Koroma

 Director of Research and Training, Sierra Leone Urban Research Unit

Doreen Adengo

Principal, Adengo Architects

Sindile Mavundla

Founder and Managing Director of Khaltsha Cycles

Rudi Kriel

Transport Economist, GoMetro

Livingstone Mukasa

Principal, Mahali Design Studio