Eko Circular Vibes Podcast

Eko Vibes Podcast - Learn about Lagos' circularity transition!


Hello! Welcome! Ekabo! This is Eko Circular Vibe Podcast!

You will learn everything you need to know about the Circular Lagos Project and what the initiators seek to achieve through this project. What opportunities exist for Lagosians in the circular economy and how does circularity aid the achievement of the sustainable development goals in Lagos.


Podcast d’Eko Vibes

Vous apprendrez tout ce qu’il faut savoir sur le projet Circular Lagos et ce que les organisateurs cherchent à réaliser à travers ce projet. Quelles sont les opportunités qui existent pour les habitants de Lagos dans l’économie circulaire et comment la circularité aide à atteindre les objectifs de développement durable à Lagos.


Host: Circular Economy Innovation Partnership

Dr Natalie Beinisch

Executive Director, Circular Economy Innovation Partnership 

Deborah Edward

Communication and Event Manager, Circular Economy Innovation Partnership 

Session Summary

The session was hosted by the Circular Economy Innovation Partnership, an organisation driving Lagos’ circular economy transition. The host Deborah Edwards (CEIP) invited Natalie Beinisch, Executive Director of CEIP into a dialogue on the Eko Circular Vibes podcast and how it is being used to disseminate circular economy knowledge in Lagos and drive the circularity transition in Nigeria.

The dialogue took the audience on the journey that CEIP has taken in developing a tool to effectively disseminate ideas around circularity. Often these ideas are discussed in high-level, official forums, with decisions being taken that inadvertently affect those on the ground. The Eko Circular Vibe Podcast aims to make these ideas accessible thereby encouraging all Nigerians and others listening to the podcast to understand what they can do to drive the circular economy transition. A golden thread through the session was accessibility – making information accessible through appropriate platforms and using appropriate language.

The session engaged the audience through polls, live questions and debates and allowed the opinions of all to be shared and taken on board as part of the ongoing Eko Circular and CEIP journey. Eko Circular Vibe is about sharing the story of circularity in a way that is creative and drives urgency.