Urban Action Karaoke: A coffee chat about building resilience on a limited budget

Urban Action Karaoke: A coffee chat about building resilience on a limited budget

This is a conversation to explore ideas cities can implement to build resilience on a limited budget.

In this session, we will unveil low-cost actions for local organisations and local governments wishing to implement activities that build resilience but have budget limitations. These include; Creative Communications, Nature-based Solutions, Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Urban Agriculture, and much more.


Host: Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre

Kampala, Uganda 

Session Summary

This session was led by the enthusiastic and charismatic Eddie Jjemba. Eddie led participants of powerpoint karaoke – a unique concept in which participants are presented with a set of premade presentation slides ending with a slide promoting the Urban Action Kit. Participants then took turns to give impromptu 5 minute presentations to accompany these slides.  Following the “karaoke” several panelists shared perspectives on the Urban Action Kit such as the conceptualisation process, the applications of the kit and their experiences of using the kit.

The Urban Action Kit is a quick start, low-cost, do-it yourself guide to urban resilience. The kit plays a role in building resilience in urban Africa and provides knowledge on how to set up early warning systems and how to respond quickly to natural disasters, displacement and other significant challenges that may be experienced in urban areas. Panelists gave advice on working with politicians to implement the plans from the tool kit in urban areas and how to make the kit most useful to the specific user.

While the session focussed primarily on the promotion of the Urban Action Kit, knowledge was shared that has wider applications for those seeking to build resilience amongst urban communities.