Participatory mapping of Yaounde and its metropolitan area for better decision making

Participatory mapping of Yaounde and its metropolitan area for better decision making

Brainstorming innovative solutions for cities

The purpose of this session is to bring together several actors and stakeholders in the city to find solutions capable of driving real sustainable and local development. The aim is to take into account the issues and challenges that revolve around the development of cities in order to seize opportunities for urban resilience.


Le but de cette session est de réunir plusieurs acteurs et parties prenantes de la ville pour trouver des solutions capables de conduire un réel développement durable et local. L’objectif est de prendre en compte les enjeux et les défis qui tournent autour du développement des villes afin de saisir les opportunités de résilience urbaine.



Yaounde, Cameroon

Session Summary

Willy Frank opened the session and introduced the title of the session. The project strives to transform the challenges they face today in their cities, into opportunities through technology. Willy introduced Derrick and Christine which will also share their own experiences of what they have been doing to create more resilient cities.

Willy kicks off the session with a presentation giving context to the project. Derrick then takes the floor and provides the attendees with some outputs that the project has achieved in Yaounde. During Christine’s presentation, she provided insight relating to the actors involved and how they are connecting on the local level in order to enable a special dialogue within those communities.

After all three speakers gave their presentations the floor was open for attendees to ask questions. An insightful discussion took place and the attendees were eager to get involved, to connect with each other and the speakers in order to learn more about the project and how to implement it in their cities.