A Kraal of Many Waters – A virtual tour of Dangamvura, Zimbabwe

A Kraal of Many Waters - A virtual tour of Dangamvura, Zimbabwe

An adventure into ”Dangamvura”:  The kraal of many waters.

This session comprises a tour into Dangamvura literally translating into the kraal of many waters. We present an exploration into the irony of the name and the reality on the ground.


Host: City of Mutare

Mutare, Zimbabwe

Session Summary

This session, hosted by Lloyd Mujaho of the City of Mutare, showcased a short documentary on the plight of Dangamvura residents and their water challenges. Through this documentary participants were able to get some insight into the context of this community and the plans and strategies of officials looking to improve their livelihoods.

Mr Kunjenjema of the City of Mutare explored some key questions relating to this project alongside Mr Mujaho including how the authorities plan on managing the existing aging water infrastructure, and how these upgrades and maintenance plans will be financed.

Officials then entered into frank discussion with participants about the very real and compounded challenges facing this project, both in terms of finance and logistics, and the potential influence climate change may have on the plans to extend water access. They went on to highlight the thoughtful ways that the City of Mutare is making use of its budget, and the important changes and choices that are being made in service of their citizens.