ROADMAP to RISE Africa 2021

RISE Africa is framed around Inspiring Action for Sustainable Cities and will explore the following themes:

Africa is the 21st century changemaker – global outcomes of sustainable urban development
Our urban continent – exploring AU Agenda 2063
Covid-19 in the City – how a global pandemic realigns our priorities and visions for the future
Facilitate and demonstrate – the role of local government in shaping collaborative movements
We built this city on stocks and flows – promoting productive urban resource consumption
Smarter cities for empowered citizens – behavioural science for wellbeing
Climate crisis and our cities – embracing a new normal of uncertainty
Urban intelligence for the discerning decision maker – using sound data and evidence

Looping our cities into the global circular economy – key principles for urban resource management
Good development is good business – private sector roles in urban wellbeing
African wisdom in the digital present – traditional knowledge for modern living
Shaping and owning urban African narratives – using media, art and literature to rewrite the African city
Our nature, our city – enhancing the benefits of urban ecosystem services
Bouncing forward – crafting resilient societies
Financing the future [of our cities] – unlocking investment for transformative infrastructures and services
Collaborate Create Celebrate – promoting our individual and collective actions

With the Advent of Covid-19, RISE Africa 2020 has been reimagined as a monthly series of online showcases and engagements, which will explore the themes of RISE Africa and build momentum towards RISE Africa 2021. The following roadmap outlines the key themes that will be explored, in the form of shared resources, webinars, online engagements, or showcases. Please reach out to for further information or to express interest in participating.

May 2020

Launch of the Hidden Flows Photo Competition


25 May 2020 – AFRICA DAY

Launching the RISE Africa Online Showcase


June 2020

Food in the Future African City – #AfricanCITYFOODMonth Campaign


July 2020

Gender & Urban Development


August 2020

SDG Localization – Sharing Experiences from Umhlatuze


September 2020

The Future of… – collecting visions of future cities


October 2020


Online Resource: The Future of Mobility in African Cities


November 2020

Online Exhibition of Hidden Flows Competition

Online Resource: Positioning the African Urban Circular Economy

December 2020

Smart Cities for Africa

Taking Risks: Innovation and Experimentation in our cities


January 2021

Welcome to 2021! – what is your resolution for contributing to your city?


February 2021

Pitching Business Ideas for the New Economy


March 2021

Urban Water Ethics for African Cities


April 2021

Ready, Set, Action – What to expect for RISE Africa 2021


24 – 26 May 2021


Century City Conference Centre

Cape Town