Next Urban Champions* – meet the innovators, practitioners and thinkers who are revolutionizing African cities!

What transformative actions are already improving our citizens’ mobility, energy, health, food, waste, water and ecological systems? The world as we know it is changing drastically due to influences like by COVID-19, urbanisation and climate change. Africa is not locked into traditional thinking rather, Africa has the opportunity to revolutionise the status quo for the […]

Building the future now – How our cities are pushing the boundaries of planning, governance, finance and technology

Local government stakeholders share innovative approaches for achieving urban sustainability through effective governance, improving access to finance and exploring opportunities for technological advancement in the fourth industrial revolution The opportunity to shape the sustainable and resilient urban future that we want starts with planning, actions and initiatives in the present. However for these to take […]

Shaping and owning African urban narratives through literature, art and movement building

Explore how we might achieve social equity and new urban forms in our cities by starting with creative expression, individual and community aspirations, and meaningful participation processes In recent decades, one can’t fail to notice the spread of sustainable development efforts in African cities. Yet, there has been relative unease and growing dissatisfaction with development […]